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02 March 2016
True Manager is a simulator of the manager ‘s daily work. The most important measure of the success in this game is the realization of the Business Purpose reached at
02 March 2016
Business purpose varies depending on the decision taken by players and depends indirectly on the involvement of employees. Additional direct options of the increase: Organizing business trips for clients (you
02 March 2016
The commitment may change forasmuch as it depends on the decisions taken by the players under the simulation. There are some direct additional options of its increase: Direct meeting with
02 March 2016
There is no opportunity to earn money in the game. You are generating all of the score in the budget striving to achieve your business purpose for at least 3
02 March 2016
Unfortunately it cannot be undone, so we recommend to think over all your choices.  E – mail decisions or these transferred to you by your assistant may be a bit
02 March 2016
True Manager is a browser game, so the only thing you really need is a computer with the Internet access (and a web browser naturally). We recommend you to use:

In this section you will find the most frequently asked questions related to the simulation. If you want to know more feel free to contact us directly.

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