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How and what?

True Manager is an advanced and interactive simulation of the managerial work. The participant aims to implement the Business Purpose of a virtual company by effectively motivating the employees, monitoring their tasks, making decisions, managing the calendar and analyzing the data.

As a comprehensive business case, True Manager faithfully reproduces managerial duties and challenges. The simulation trains your skills and knowledge, furthermore allowing you to make “safe mistakes” which in everyday life would cost the company much more than a sarcastic comment of a virtual coach.


The simulation is based on:


  • Expert competency model which includes crucial managerial competencies such as analytical skills, business thinking, communication, organization, negotiation, planning and selling.
  • The most popular theories and managerial practices often used in trainings: Blanchard’s situational leadership, the GROW model of coaching, providing feedback SBI model and the theory of personality DISC.

Benefits for the participant:

  • A hooking game plot set in the business reality
  • The access to the game available at anytime and anywhere
  • The opportunity of safe implementation of your knowledge and new skills
  • An immediate feedback
  • The chance of enriching your knowledge by using additional materials
  • A final report showing the strengths and the areas of the development


Benefits for Company:


  • The consistency with the major programs of managerial skills development
  • A possibility of extending the process of training and working on the competencies
  • A facility and swiftness of implementation, monitoring of participations and the progresses
  • Innovative and attractive method of increasing the commitment using the mechanism of competitions in games such as rankings, scores and trophies.


Bartek Wrzosek
Główny Architekt Rozwoju Kompetencji

Independent and innovative tool of development

Different ways of using True Manager:


True Manager is a development tool that has many different uses and options.

The managerial Tournament

Customized versions



A form of extended learning

Independent and innovative tool of development: Can be used as an alternative for training or coaching. Moreover, ordering the simulation for yourself or for your company will be much more economical than traditional training program.


A form of extended learning: (a supplement to traditional training) – according to the survey of American Society of Training & Development , nearly 70% of the training activities fail due to lack of implementation and practical application of its content.

The market needs effective solutions of prolonging the processes of training.

True Manager allows to extend the process of learning. After being trained, the player has the twenty-four-hour access to the simulation for a period of 1-3 months. The participants have the opportunity to consolidate virtually their knowledge and implement the new skills without any risk or possible consequences.


The managerial Tournament: We recommend to use the abbreviated (about three hours) form of the simulation at the conferences and other corporate events concerning development. To emerge the individual winner only laptops with Internet access are needed. Naturally, there is also an option of conducting the collective simulation of teams which gives the participants a possibility of building relations and exchanging their experiences. For more details, please contact us directly.


Customized versions: The huge advantage of True Manager is the fact that it can be completely customized to the needs and conditions of your company. Whether you need a model of behaviors resulting from the company specifics or you would like a particular training or case study written for your business to appear in the simulation – don’t worry – it all can be realized.

We will create a licensed version of indefinite use “tailored to” the needs of your company. Furthermore, we are open to elaborate a version suitable not only for managers, but also for sales representatives allowing them to improve the skill of advanced negotiations and a professional contact with the client.

We also recommend you an additional simulation in the form of an interactive guide of implementation for new employees. This solution may facilitate them acquainting with the structure, mission, values and desirable behaviors in your company. If you are interested in any of above – just give as a sign! 

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