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02 March 2016

True Manager is a simulator of the manager ‘s daily work. The most important measure of the success in this game is the realization of the Business Purpose reached at the end of each simulation (about three virtual months). We cannot forget about the another indicator – involvement that allowing to estimate the current level of motivation in the team.

The realization of the Business Purpose consists of:

  • The effectiveness of your subordinate employees – the resultant of current commitment and competence. The higher the both factors, the greater contribution to the business. 
  • Realization of your own operational actions (by using the calendar time completely) – lack of standing operational actions (an indicator in the upper right corner).
  • Special events – decisions, meetings and events for clients you can arrange virtually.

At the end of the game each player will receive a report about his strong and weak points and areas for development in key managerial competences on which the simulation is based (such as management, communication, team working, business and analytical thinking).


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