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While acquiring my longtime experience I had a chance to observe professionals and beginners. True Manager is designed to help and develop everyone regardless of the level of advancement.


   I did if to spite my dad…


I was always fascinated by games. Children of Polish People’s Republic had no many chances to get  toys, so that time I was even more motivated to create myself a playground. I was never complaining about lack of imagination, so as the time went by, I started inventing board games for my colleagues from the yard. While playing them were moving into the alternative magical worlds of colors. Later on came the era of computers and what goes with it there appeared some basic virtual games.

I will never forget the humorous commentaries of my dad who kept telling me to find myself a serious occupation. He was convinced that “there will be no money” for doing what I really was good at and interested in. As a child (and now a bit as an adult) I was always rather fractious and to be honest,  I do what I am doing for living because I really wanted to prove my dad that this internal need of creating and the fascination of games are real. In the end I got what I wanted, but it also required from me a lot of solid preparation for this profession.


 ...after years of assessing and improving the competences of managers…


Over last decade I had a chance to know business and its mechanisms from the inside. By this time I created a wide variety of successful projects from start – ups to developed consulting and training enterprises such as HRK S.A, Fun Hunters Sp. z o.o. and Develor Polska z o.o. I was also involved in elaboration of competency and methodologies of evaluation models for well-known brands including Coca – Cola HBC, Mars Polska, Energa. As a business coach I trained hundreds of managers in the area of leadership and team management. I had a pleasure to cooperate with such companies as: Arcelor Mittal, Brown Forman, Johnson Controls and Orlen. During the ongoing projects I met both real managers and those who committed basic errors to their subordinates and colleagues.


I created a combination of game and trainings.


Finally came the time for the plan which I was dreaming about for a very long time. I had in my mind setting up a project combining my passion and methodological experience - a virtual simulation of daily managerial work. With the technical support of a outstandingly skilled team we created an innovative tool developing the competences of the manager…

…Ladies and Gentlemen here it is - True Manager!



Bartłomiej Wrzosek

Main Architect of the Skills Development


Bartek Wrzosek

Main Architect of the Skills Development

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